Arizona Joins BRICS, Druckenmiller Buys Barrick

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Housekeeping: Good Morning. The title is hyperbole, but not exaggeration. Gold is being remonetized domestically at the state level and therefore will be accommodated at the Federal level eventually.

Druckenmiller’s purchases also send a signal.. not only are miners undervalued, but their operations are secure. This signpost/milemarker is significant.

***Druckenmiller buys Barrick and Newmont, Arizona Goes Gold, Michael Oliver looks at Miners***


0:00- Intro1:00- Headline Stories2:58- Current Prices, Gold summary, Headlines 8:50- Newmont and Barrick Comments 10:00- Mining Risks recapped, Dividend security, Portfolio allocation 15:05- Algo Spotting

More in original post including a Technical take on miners, full Druckenmiller announcement, and the Arizona news story.

Prices as of 9:38 a.m.:

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