BullionStar Perspectives – Ronald Stöferle – Global Macro and Gold: A European Perspective

Filmed in October 2022

In this not to be missed episode of BullionStar Perspectives, Ronald Stoeferle of Incrementum AG talks to Ronan Manly about the current precarious state of financial markets.

The interview covers everything from the macro interactions of interest rates, inflation, gold and economic growth, to the feeling on the ground in Europe, and from how Incrementum manages its portfolios, to why German speaking populations have an affinity for gold.

Ronald is partner, managing director & fund manager at Incrementum AG, an investment firm in Liechtenstein, and is author of the famous “In Gold we Trust” report, an annual publication which covers the global precious metals and financial markets.

00:00 Introduction
00:47 Market sentiment in Europe vs the US
02:54 Recessionary impact of rate hikes – Europe vulnerable?
09:28 ‘Fiscal Stimulus’ and the creation of dependency
12:38 Solutions to inflation – 1970s versus current day
18:37 USD strength impacting gold price, but for how long
23:02 The shift towards a multipolar monetary system
28:45 Incrementum fund strategies and Ronnie’s macro view
35:40 Precious metals culture in German speaking populations
41:19 The “In Gold We Trust” name and message
43:17 Wrap-up

Full version of the In Gold we Trust Report 2022

Subscription (free of charge) for the In Gold we Trust Report:

Incrementum’s latest Gold Compass:

Compact version of the In Gold we Trust Report 2022

In Gold We Trust general webpage:

Summary video of the In Gold we Trust Report 2022:

Incrementum company webpage:

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