Gold and Governments Move in Right Direction: SchiffGold Friday Gold Wrap June 21 2024

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Gold closed this week slightly down but remains up 12.5% year-to-date. Silver is up 25% year-to-date. This week’s political news show governments around the world moving right and central banks adding on more gold.


Japanese Norinchukin bank expects loss of $9.5 billion
India’s Nifty 50 stock index outperforms S&P 500
Weakening US-Saudi Petrodollar agreement
Gold Surpasses Euro in Global Reserves
Short Selling Banned in South Korea

Quote of the Week:

“It doesn’t matter when the Fed cuts interest rates. The economy will weaken and inflation will strengthen regardless of the timing of the cuts. What’s important is that interest rates are still too low and government spending is still excessive. High inflation is here to stay! ” -Peter Schiff


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