GoldSeek Radio Nugget — John Rubino: Is a Silver Price Spike Imminent?

Prolific economic author, John Rubino returns to the show with commentary on his latest articles beginning with is the silver “Deficit” The Same As A Shortage – And if so, does that mean a price spike is imminent?

1.02 – The Silver Institute supply/demand numbers – as bullish as it’s possible to get for a commodity.

2.30 – Silver premiums are soaring – US Eagle’s around $40 per silver coin ounce.

6.01 – Silver could soar to $30-$40 per ounce.

7.05 – Silver would have to eclipse $100+ per ounce to approach previous records, in Real, inflation adjusted terms.

9.03 – Commodities, silver, gold and tangible items to shine as investment classes.

11.05 – Capital will seek safe havens and inflation protected markets, like silver, a tiny $1 trillion market.

14.42 – Ponzi-nomic policies are pushing up inflation.

16.11 – Higher rates encourage an economic downward spiral.

18.15 – Risk of mass bankruptcies.

18.50 – The next Bear market in equites could push the PMs higher.

20.40 – Economic recession could a deleveraging crisis.

22.21 – John is searching for shorting opportunities.

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