I Have REAL FEARS That The Gold Market Will Triple

We’re in the midst of a pivotal moment in the financial world…  

Treasury yields are surging to levels we haven’t seen since the 2008 crash. While this could spell trouble for the broader market, it just might be incredible news for precious metals investors.

Today, we bring you a conversation that’s not only timely, but critically important. Mike Maloney sits down with the legendary Rick Rule. Together, they dive deep into the implications of these rising yields, the potential aftershocks in the market, and the bright prospects for gold and silver investors.

Mike says gold could go higher than anyone expects…

Mike Maloney is more than just a legend in the precious metals industry. He’s on a mission to help everyone maximize their individual prosperity. Mike is best known as the host of the hit video series Hidden Secrets of Money and his extremely popular YouTube channel which has over 100 million views, where he reveals the truth about money, currency, and the flaws in our monetary system. Mike’s also a best-selling author of Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver, and The Great Gold and Silver Rush of the 21st Century. For nearly two decades, Maloney has traveled the globe, sharing his deep insights into economics and monetary history with diverse audiences, from Silicon Valley tech gurus to Wall Street financiers, and from Hong Kong business leaders to Roman scholars.  

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