Is Shenzhen China’s new fashion hub?

As 2023 concludes, China’s largest jewellery wholesale market in Shenzhen has witnesses a substantial surge in consumer interest for gold and jewellery, reflecting an escalating market demand.

Located in the Guangdong Province of southern China, Shenzhen is known for its technological innovation, but is swiftly establishing itself as a burgeoning fashion hub.

Throughout 2023, Shenzhen served as the host for pivotal fashion events, including Shenzhen Eyewear Fashion Week, Shenzhen Fashion Home Design Week, and the China (Shenzhen) International Brand Underwear Fair. These industry events not only attracted global fashion buyers but also featured renowned brands such as Dior, Chanel, Galeries Lafayette, and Versace Home, showcasing their latest collections and exploring new retail opportunities within the city.

Shenzhen has emerged as a dominant force in China’s fashion landscape, propelled by an offering of original brands and a dynamic clustering effect. The city excels across various fashion-related sectors, encompassing high-fashion, luxury timepieces, designer eyewear, gold jewellery, intimates, and premium leather goods.

At the core of Shenzhen’s fashion industry lies a dynamic and efficient supply chain. The city’s industrial achievements are evident, from being able to assemble a drone with components sourced exclusively within the city to producing a sophisticated watch using predominantly locally procured parts and rolling out a top-tier smartphone every 28.5 seconds on a local production line.

Shenzhen’s fashion industry is home to over 2,500 apparel companies and holds a substantial 42 percent share of the world’s watch production. The city’s prowess extends further, with an annual production of 125 million pairs of eyeglasses.

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