Peak China Silver: The Looming Extinction Event

As part of our desire to shine a brighter light on Silver’s supply/demand imbalance we sought to better quantify the growing industrial applications that call for its use; especially from the Net-Zero energy movement so frequently in the news.

This post contains two write ups as part of that ongoing research:

The Impending Eruption Crisis—-Silver ExtinctionSolar Silver China Demand- GoldFix

Translated from the original Chinese. Very light editing and headline style-components added. Certain modifying words were intentionally left unchanged as they impart important color to the content. Original PDF at bottom. Bai also shared two other pieces for us to look at exclusively. We will do this after fleshing them out and asking him some questions as they are very good in context of current events as well. GoldFix Subs will see those first.


China stands among the top five silver consumers globally, with an average annual demand of 6300 tons over the past decade. Startlingly, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) data from 2011-2020 reveals that China’s yearly silver mineral production barely reaches 3350 tons, leaving a significant supply gap of approximately 3000 tons to be fulfilled through imports.

The crux of our apprehension lies in China’s limited proven silver resource reserves, amounting to a mere 41,000 tons in 2020. If current mining rates persist, a meager 11 years of silver mining remains. By 2032, China’s underground silver deposits will be fully depleted, leading to resource extinction.

GoldFix Note:

China is indeed a habitual importer of Silver. But in 2022 they were a net exporter for the first time in “forever”. The reason for the 2022 behavior may simply be the demand-pull from India was too large to not satisfy.

China and India Silver Demand…

Circling back with Bai we asked about it. His reply was: ‘official data is somewhat less reliant than industry data and is to be taken with a grain of salt’

For our part, feel the current lack of importing for industry is now likely being replaced by China depleting its own vaults this year. That is what vaults are for.

From 2033 onwards, China’s static silver demand of 6300 tons will rely entirely on imports, exacerbating the global imbalance between silver supply and demand.


According to the USGS data released in 2020, global silver production reached 25,000 tons, with reserves estimated at 500,000 tons. However, at the current rate of mining, these underground silver resources will vanish within 20 years, reducing mine output to zero.

GoldFix Note:

We would add, Mexico is in the process of soft-nationalizaton2 of its remaining Silver as well. We recently did a podcast for Arcadia here. Brics nations are increasingly restricting G7 access to their remaining resources now.

The situation in Mexico is particularly dire. As the world’s leading silver producer, Mexico has seen an average annual output of 5,600 tons in the past decade. Unfortunately, its resource reserves dwindle to a mere 37,000 tons as of 2020. If mining continues at the current pace, the country’s reserves will be exhausted by the end of 2026, marking a mere five years until the onset of the silver crisis.

Among the top ten silver-producing countries, the total silver resource reserves amount to 57,000 tons, whereas the annual mining output remains at a mere 3,500 tons. By 2036, these countries will face complete depletion of silver deposits, rendering them extinct.

As a result of the silver resource extinction in China, Mexico, and other major silver producers, global annual silver supply will plummet by 15,450 tons. In other words, by 2036, global silver production will dip below 10,000 tons, while demand will continue to exceed 30,000 tons.

The table below displays the projected timeline of silver resource extinction in the top ten silver-producing countries based on USGS data (calculated from the present year):

United States: 25 yearsChile: 19 yearsChina: 11 yearsMexico: 6 yearsPoland: 53 yearsPeru: 26 yearsBolivia: 19 yearsAustralia: 67 yearsRussia: 24 yearsOther countries: 15 years

Silver depletion varies across different countries due to disparities in resource reserves and mining speeds. However, as Mexico, the largest silver producer, dries up in 2026, a silver panic will ensue.

China’s subsequent silver resource depletion will further amplify the crisis. In the following years, more silver-producing countries will announce the depletion of their silver reserves, causing panic to spread globally until all underground silver deposits vanish. Humanity will face the extinction of this vital natural resource for the first time!

According to data released by the UK Silver Institute from 2011 to 2020, China’s industrial silver demand comprises approximately 60% of the total, amounting to over 3,500 tons. Over the past decade, China’s industrial silver demand has witnessed a staggering growth rate of over 50%, making it the fastest-growing country in the world alongside the UK. China has recently unveiled its 14th five-year plan, outlining long-term goals for 2035, with substantial advancements expected in high-tech industries and green energy, including 5G, 6G, AI, computer chips, solar energy, clean power stations, electric vehicles, smart appliances, medical technology, and space stations. This rapid development will further drive China’s industrial silver demand, which is projected to exceed 5,500 tons by 2030.

In the face of the global panic triggered by Mexico’s silver depletion in 2026 and China’s silver exhaustion in 2032, China must address critical questions: How can the country ensure the realization of its national 2035 high-tech development strategy? How can it resolve the severe shortage of silver resources? China senses an urgent crisis.

The dilemma of industrial demand will also impact silver-consuming countries such as the United States, Germany, the UK, Japan, South Korea, and others. By 2030, the global demand for silver is set to rise to 35,000 tons. However, with Mexico’s silver minerals rapidly depleting and China’s reserves nearing zero, global supply will plummet to 16,000 tons, exacerbating the silver resource crisis.

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