Rally In Gold And Silver Is Far From Over

From the beginning of October to the last day in November silver has had a profound and dramatically strong gain. This despite one moderately deep correction beginning on October 19, and concluding on November 13. Monday, November 13, was the exact day that Silver pivoted back to a bullish demeanor. During the short span of a couple of weeks, silver futures traded from their lows at $21.93 to their current fix of $25.67.

Gold also ran a very parallel course with its rally beginning during the first week of October when it was trading at a mere $1840 per ounce, to the conclusion of the first leg of this rally occurring on Friday, October 27 at approximately $2040. Like silver, a strong correction followed taking gold to $1960 during the middle of November. Both precious metals resumed the rally with a vengeance once they individually completed their correction.

While both metals gained tremendous ground in terms of percentage gains market sentiment seemed to be favoring gold as a haven asset over silver. Gold pricing had a much more substantial gain than silver while both precious metals had more than respectable performances.

How Global Economic Factors Propel Gold and Silver

Because of its high usage as a major industrial component silver has had strong demand. However, according to the World Council, the pace at which central banks worldwide have been accumulating gold is at a new record and astute investors need to step back and wonder why.

More importantly, the underlying reasons that these metals will continue to rise are fairly transparent. Our national debt has grown to a record level above $34 trillion. The cost to just service the interest on that debt is quickly becoming as expensive as the annual Defense Department’s budget. Both Chairman Powell and Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen are on record stating emphatically that this is not sustainable. Add to that the multiple geopolitical hotspots that continue to rage, a recent decline in the dollar, and an imminent pivot by the Federal Reserve from a highly restrictive policy to a more accommodative one that officials are beginning to speak about.

While the above-mentioned economic fabric will be beneficial to both precious metals it is gold that will continue to gain value at a much greater pace than silver. The key takeaway for precious metals investors is that continued accumulation of physical gold and silver will be of great benefit further down the road.

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