US Credit Default Swap Price 1Y Remains Elevated As Clueless Joe Defies Republican Budget Cuts, US Treasury 2Y-3M Yield Curve Inverts To Lowest In History – Confounded Interest – Anthony B. Sanders

Ok, it is well-known that Biden was the stupidest man in the US Senate. And with Washington’s Patty Murray in the Senate, that is quite an accomplishment.

But Biden is President and is still stupid and spiraling down the dementia rabbit hole. He is blaming Republicans for their budget proposal to end the debt ceiling crisis despite saying previously that he would negotitate. Apparently, Biden’s puppet masters are telling him to risk default by playing the blame game.

So, US credit default swap (CDS 1Y, SR, EURO) price remains elevated which indicates that Biden, Yellen and Schumer may actually default on US debt.

As M2 Money growth crashes and burns, the US Treasury 2Y-3M yield curve inverts to lowest in history.

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