What Ways Can I Receive Payment for My Gold?

Selling your gold or silver bullion online is easy when you sell to GoldSilver. Receive payment via any of several convenient electronic or physical methods:

When entering your sell order into our system, choose from:

ACH/EFT/eCheck transfer (US only, no fee)Physical check sent via USPS Certified Mail (US only, no fee)Bank wire transfer (optional in the US, required for all international sellbacks; $25 fee)

Then, simply enter your address and/or bank information. Once we receive your metals, they will go through our verification process and payment will typically be sent within 3 business days of your shipment’s arrival and verification. Verification timeframe varies based on vault transition capacity. If there are any issues or adjustments required, our customer service team will reach out to you before finalizing your order.

If you’re selling back from an IRA, we’ll send funds to directly your custodian and you can decide later whether to take the payout as a distribution or not.

Important Sellback Information

All sales are subject to our Sellback Policy.

If you’re mailing us your metals and you fail to provide tracking information for the parcel, your sellback may be canceled.

Sell order prices are locked at the time you create your order. While this feature is convenient for knowing precisely what you’ll get for your coins and bars if sent in described condition and enable you to get the most for your order if you place it when the market is in your favor, it also means your order represents a financial commitment to deliver the goods. Thus, all cancellations or other failures to complete a submitted sell order are subject to our Market Loss Policy. You may be charged for changes in the market price, and other fees to cover our expenses if you cancel a sell order.

If your order requires tax reporting, as certain sales of specific products to US persons do, then A social security number and/or passport number will be required to complete your sellback. If that’s the case, we will automatically prompt you for this information as you complete the simple sellback form.

In order to comply with anti-money laundering regulations, you may also be asked to verify your identity prior to completing a sale, including but not limited to:

A current photograph of your driver’s license, passport or other government-issued ID matching the identity on your order/accountAn automated phone call or text messageA phone discussion with a GoldSilver representative

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