Win five silver coins in the GoldCore Annual Survey

It’s that time of year again, when we begin to reflect back on the months gone by and ask how we can set ourselves up for even greater things for the New Year. 

We’re no different at GoldCore, but we do like to send out a survey to help us (which might not be the norm for most) as there’s nothing like a bit of honest feedback to help you to make some changes. 

As a Thank You for your time, every completed survey will be entered into a prize draw on the 1st February 2024,  to win a set of five, one ounce silver coins. We will also make a donation to Habitat for Humanity, last year we gave them €500 as so many surveys were completed!

Good Luck!


USD $AMUSD $PMGBP £AMGBP £PMEUR €AMEUR €PM11-01-20242031.852029.151594.801595.111853.051852.8210-01-20242036.252026.801600.291593.061859.501852.7009-01-20242038.152034.901600.761599.841862.671859.0808-01-20242028.002025.101596.851591.531854.001848.1105-01-20242037.702056.351610.391613.411868.771872.1004-01-20242049.052039.551610.351608.391869.141863.1303-01-20242054.052042.101626.601615.301879.041869.9502-01-20242074.902067.551632.531637.291885.461886.43

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