Who We Are
Wealth Fargo is a leading global quantitative investment manager and digital assets market maker. Founded in London in 2020, we bring a substantial amount of experience in the quantitative investment and trading space. Our main competitive advantage resides in our rigorous quantitative approach, experience of our team, and substantial investment in proprietary technology.

Disclaimer: commodity trading involves a substantial risk of loss.


    Crypto Asset Management


    Crypto Hedging

    We provide you a fully customized hedging program to reduce your crypto market risk exposure and possibly earn interest on your crypto holdings through regulated futures products.

    Disclaimer: commodity interests involve a substantial risk of loss.


    Quantitative Investment Management

    We aim to provide you with superior risk-adjusted returns uncorrelated to the crypto market, within a rigorous risk management framework.

    Disclaimer: commodity trading involves a substantial risk of loss.


    Crypto Yield Generation

    We aim to deliver you fully customized investment products with the objective of generating superior absoute and risk-adjusted returns on your crypto holdings.

    Disclaimer: commodity trading involves a substantial risk of loss.


    Crypto Asset Management

    We deliver you customized investment and hedging solutions to help you achieve your unique investment and risk management goals


    Investment Approach

    We aim at discovering value in financial data through rigorous and sophisticated quantitative research

    Investment Philosophy


    Quantitative Research

    We deploy the capital of our clients by adopting a sophisticated proprietary quantitative research process. We apply the scientific method to analyze and test our hypotheses on vast amounts of historical in order to find signals of alpha. All the company’s strategies undergo an extensive backtesting and validation process before going into production.

    Disclaimer: commodity trading involves a substantial risk of loss.


    Risk Management

    Managing all types of risks for our clients and invested capital is of primary importance to us. We developed a sophisticated risk management framework with the objective of monitoring and keeping under predefined limits various types of risks embedded in our investment portfolios.



    We invest a substantial amount of monetary and human capital with the objective of developing a superior technological and operational infrastructure. All the code is thoroughly tested by our quantitative developers before going into production. This enables us to minimize technological issues in live production and to easily make modifications when necessary to accommodate the requirements of an investment strategy.

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