Keep Your Eyes On Gold Prices Heading Into October

These big market moves have presented savvy traders with a series of highly lucrative opportunities to profit from the recent macro-driven rally as well as the huge price reversal that has subsequently followed.

Is the rally over and has all the money been made?

Not by a long shot!

Right now, Gold prices are spending very little time below the key psychological level of $1900 an ounce, which ultimately suggests that there’s still plenty of upside ahead.

Once you step back and take a look at the bigger macro picture that is currently unfolding, you’ll see the stars are aligning for gold.

Less than four days before the United States government faces a potential shutdown – U.S national debt has surpassed an historic milestone of $33 trillion for the first time ever.

Put another way, that’s $14.3 billion being added to U.S debt per day. Add on another $3 billion per day of interest payments and that’s well over $17 billion per day.

Under normal circumstances, this might not be that big a deal, but these are not normal circumstances.

According to economists, the timing of the government shutdown couldn’t be worse and may lead to a sequence of catastrophic consequences for an economy already faced with surging gasoline prices, autoworker strikes and re-accelerating inflation – with some saying it could even increase the possibility of another “black swan event”.

On Monday, Moody’s rating agency warned that the U.S will be slapped with a “negative credit rating” if a government shutdown were to occur.

Back in August, Moody’s rival Fitch Ratings downgrading the U.S credit rating from AAA to AA+ due to successive government standoffs over the nation’s debt ceiling. A move which sent precious metal prices skyrocketed to multi-month highs – with many notching up spectacular double digit gains – literally in a matter of days.

Right now we have crisis on top of crisis, which as traders know – translates to opportunity on top of opportunity. While precious metals certainly don’t need a crisis to move higher, they definitely love a crisis!

Whichever way you look at it, one thing is clear. The case for precious metals in a well-diversified portfolio has never been more obvious than it is right now. Any substantial pullbacks should be viewed as buying opportunities because prices won’t stay low for long!

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