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From time to time, Peter Schiff hosts Q&A sessions with premium subscribers to his podcast covering a wide range of investing and economic topics. In this video clip, Peter publicly answers eight questions on gold, silver, and general investment strategies.

Here are the questions he answers in this video.

If gold and silver become the new official or unofficial monetary standard and are being used in transactions, how will people be able to verify the authenticity of the coins?

If you were to start a company using blockchain for gold, could we invest in your company?

In your personal portfolio, what percentage do you have invested in developed versus emerging markets?

In a major market selloff, you say some stocks can go up. Are oil stocks and your foreign funds likely to go up?

Do you think there is more downside in gold stocks from here before they skyrocket?

What do you think about the gold bars sold by Costco on its website?

For an investor set on indexing, would you recommend a total world index excluding the US?

If central banks are buying a lot of gold, why are people buying silver?

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