Krugman’s Kerplunk! War On Inflation Over, But Average American Is $7,400 Poorer Under Bidenomics (Real Wages Decline Again And Rent Inflation Over 7%) – Confounded Interest – Anthony B. Sanders

Paul Krugman, Nobel Laureate in economics and media celebrity, made a terrible claim yesterday when he pronounced that “The war on inflation is over. We won, at very little cost.” Krugman’s proclamation was trumpeted by The View’s Joy Behar Joy who claimed that everything is going great in the country! The economy is “booming” and people are having an “easier time” putting bread on the table. Huh? Easier than a month ago maybe, but not easier since 2021 under Bidenomics.

Hmm. Suppose that during World War II the Germans had stopped after they invaded and captured Paris on June 14, 1940. The war could have been over, but France was lost to Germany amidst thousands of dead and loss of property. That is not a victory, but a crushing defeat.

Just like my Paris example, Krugman’s claim the war on inflation is over and we won AT VERY LITTLE COST was grossly misleading and a big kerplunk (thud). Why? For one, the average American family is $7,400 POOR than in January 2021 when Biden became President. So, it looks like we know the cost of inflation and it was steep, not “very little cost.” Well, very little cost to elitist millionaires like Krugman.

Krugman loves the recent inflation report from the BLS. Specifically, the 12-month change in the Consumer Price Index Less Food And Energy for September was 4.1%. Krugman focuses on the recent 6-month change being less than 2%. In Krugman’s mind, this is victory … core inflation has been tamed and inflation is at The Fed’s target rate of 2%.

But before Krugman pops the champagne cap on the 1959 Dom Perignon for $42,350 (while the rest of us are drinking E&J Gallo’s Thunderbird), bear in mind that he is referring to the RATE OF GROWTH in prices, not the highly elevated levels of prices. Victory against inflation would be if prices returned to December 2020 levels.

I pointed out yesterday that “real” wages contracted 0.1% YoY (after 3 months positive) in September. It is important to note that real wage growth was negative from 2021 until 3 months ago, but has gone negative yet again. Victory??

Krugman prefers core inflation, removing food, housing and energy. You know, the three things most Americans actually care about. Take shelter (or rent of residence) where rent is growing at a sizzling 7.1% YoY.

Under Biden and Congress’ reckless spending splurges (and inane Federal energy policies), regular gasoline prices are up 64%. Growth in rent of residence has grown 252%! So, Professor Krugman, Americans are far worse off than before Biden was President.

If prices return to December 2020 (or pre-Covid levels), I will declare a victory. But for right now, symbollically, the German army is occupying France and Paris with horrible suffering for the French people. In other words, Americans are still far worse off under Biden even though inflation is finally slowing.ew

Speaking of France and World War II, maybe we should consider Joe Biden as today’s Pierre Laval, leader of Vichy France since Biden seems more concerned with pleasing Klaus Schwab and The World Economic Forum than America’s middle class and low wage worker (like Laval was concerned with that German leader Adolf Hitler thought).

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